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28 Jan 2013
jewellery, fashion, style, art On a lighter note, we asked them what is the best compliment they have ever got. The origin of cheap jewels and ornamentation cannot really be specifically dated, of course, but the real age of costume jewellery as it is recognised today came about in roughly the 1930s, when it was manufactured to accompany various fashion trends of that era. We are talking about handmade jewellery and almost forever jewellery has been a part of our lives. Do you still remember that first experience of snow in the cold? We speak every weekend for almost 3-4 hours, hence the astronomical phone bill every month. Particularly today, the global market makes it possible for the average jewellery consumer to select from countless cultural styles and modes of fashion from around the world and even from throughout history. When we have to design for the western market, we keep global aesthetics in mind. However, the ultimate decision is taken by our hearts. They feel that designer play a huge role in reviving art and craft. The collections were also characterised by bangle bracelets, long pendants, cocktail rings, and ornate accessories such as cigarette cases and holders. jewellery armoire. How do you translate poetry into jewellery? Vests, bowler hats and smart tailoring will suit the theme. Some say costume jewellery merged into a general plethora of jewellery being made available so widely it could no longer be said to focus on specific themes, styles, or fashions of an era. Stirring in its deceptive simplicity, the line's bold yet delicate lines and draping silhouettes simply cascade with femininity and eloquence. In general, the 50s and 60s jewellery was often more tailored and understated in its themes and references, if not understated in its overall look and bold style. When we have to design for the western market, we keep global aesthetics in mind. Define quirky and surreal in your own terms. In this way, it became feasible for women to follow trends in jewellery without spending fortunes, and it thus opened up a whole new avenue of artistic freedom in jewellery-making and design. How do you maintain the strong relationship? jewellery, fashion, style, art Fashioned out of white gold and encrusted with glittering diamonds. It can be fun, it can be stylish and elegant and it can be an enjoyable piece of art that can be worn and enjoyed both with the wearer and those who see it worn. Anklets, known the world over for their intricate carvings and embellishments, are popular with women of all ages, while the traditional armlet is now looked upon as trendy and sported by those looking to make a fashion statement. Do you still remember that first experience of snow in the cold? The most important thing is to learn from the mistakes that you make along the way. Its so beautiful and pure especially the light powdery snow. Also, there is no bigger compliment than feeling satisfied by ones own designs!" they speak diplomatically in tandem.


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